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Don't Look Away

NOAVe Theare, by Grace Chapman, directed and developed by Nicholas Pitt

Starring: Julia Barry, Robert Hannouch, Brian Fletcher

Sound: Jon Ouin

Design: James Donnelly

Produced: Ellie Simpson

2015. Bradford. Adnan, a young asylum seeker, enters a community centre covered in flour & asking for help. He finds Cath, a middle-aged cleaner, who reluctantly lets him stay in her son’s empty bedroom. A split-second decision which will change her life forever. 


Don’t Look Away shifts focus away from the government’s response to the international refugee crisis to our individual power to make a difference; a powerful, timely production exploring the impact of the UK’s ‘hostile environment’ on those who witness it.

"the mark of a terrific play – one that makes us question what we know of ourselves and the world around us." -

**** - London Theatre

**** - British Theatre

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