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Seeds - Stage

By No Stone Theatre, original text by Nick Walker, adapted by Tabitha Mortiboy

“This is the sound of seeds falling on the floor. This is the bounce. This is the clatter. This is the terrible noise of them. The noise of a thousand years. The noise of a million harvests. The noise of a billion stomachs fed.”

Four research scientists are freezing in the basement of the Institute of Plant Industry, forced to make impossible choices to protect life-saving seed samples against an invading army, a starving population and each other.

Under siege and with hope vanishing around them, how do they preserve what matters most and find hope for our shared future?

Seeds is the live performance premier of No Stone Theatre’s thrilling and critically acclaimed podcast series which starred Nina Sosanya, inspired by the incredible true story of the world’s first seed bank in St Petersburg during WWII.

Created by an award winning team this little known history is given renewed urgency by the war in Ukraine, the worsening food security crisis and the heroic efforts to protect our world’s biodiversity.

Partners include: Kew Gardens, Birmingham Food Council and Warwick University

Design by Minglu Wang, Sound design by Jon Ouin, Movement Phase 1 by Dan Canham, Movement Phase 2 by Lucy Cullingford, movement for production Jennifer Fletcher.


Seeds is now booking a UK national tour dates in early 2024

Please email for more information.

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