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Hello, my name is Nicholas Pitt and I am an award winning freelance director based in London and the Midlands.


I work with writers, theatre makers and musicians to produce work that celebrates live performance, and probe the social and political moment we find ourselves in.

I am proud to be Artistic Director of NoStone Theatre, a company that I run with Johanna Taylor, that makes work inspired by environmental, historical and social subjects.

In 2020 I helped set up and am the head of strategy for the Public Campaign for the Arts, an organisation advocating for the benefits of art and culture as we recover from the global pandemic with over 70,000 supporters.

I was also a creative associate of award winning international company Idle Motion and with them produced several shows performed all over the world with the British Council.

I love to meet new collaborators and read ideas or plays, hear new music for the stage or look through a portfolio of images. I also love a good chat about history or politics so if any you want to share any of the above please do get in contact...

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